About Cedar Park

Cedar Park, Texas, is a city that holds deeply-rooted values of community, innovation, service, professionalism, authenticity, leadership, and economic responsibility.

Cedar Park has evolved rapidly in the past ten years. The city now ranks as the fourth fastest-growing city in the United States. Every year, more and more people are moving to Cedar Park, creating a home for their families and businesses.

Cedar Park is a well-established city, situated only 17 minutes from downtown Austin. Though founded in 1887, the city was not incorporated as a city until 1973. Now, Cedar Park stands as the third largest city in the Austin region. Its population was at around 61,238 in 2013, with Cedar Park attracting residents from across the world. People are lured to Cedar Park by the city’s diverse charm, close proximity to the large city of Austin, and the natural beauty surrounding the Lower Colorado River Lake System. 

Cedar Park is characterized by 860 acres of park space, great for hiking, bicycling, and water sports. The city also provides a plethora of live music, delicious wine, delectable food, a great shopping scene, or and many other activities. These amenities and more are located in or very close to Cedar Park.

Cedar Park really is a wonderful place to buy a home. The community is close, and opportunities are always growing here. 

Cedar Park’s government is operated under a council-manager system, per the city charter. The council-manager government system combines political leadership of elected officials in the form of a council with the administrative experience of an appointed local government manager. 

Cedar Park receives around 36 inches of rain annually. The city, to the sadness of all those who wish for a “white Christmas”, receives zero inches of snow per year. Annually, there are approximately 231 days of sun in Cedar Park. The July high reaches about 96 degrees, while the January low reaches a less-than-frigid 36 degrees.